Dani Crompton Designs

Hi, I am Dani and creativity is in my blood as I come from a family of creative women. I bagged a place on a BA jewellery course at the esteemed London jewellery school – Sir John Cass at the Guildhall University. And 20 years later I’m still making and loving jewellery, I run Dani Crompton Designs from my home studio in Surrey and use my years of experience to craft unique, handmade jewellery for women just like you. Women who want to make a statement, stand out from the crowd and own original pieces that no one else can ever have. I promote originality in a world of mass production.

I love nature and the inspiration I get from being outdoors is woven through my current jewellery collection - Nature’s Way. Like nature, it is always evolving. It’s jewellery that almost lets you hear waves through the movement of a curve, smell fresh damp leaves, and sense the seasons through glorious colours.

Every piece starts as a basic idea in my head, fuelled by what I have seen around me. I begin by forging silver or copper to create the main form then use tiny glass beads like a paint pallet, building up the final picture as I carefully sew each bead in place. When called for I also incorporate paper, fabric, acrylic and resin. The design evolves during its creation, in a wonderfully organic fashion taking me along for the glorious ride.

When you buy from this range, you can luxuriate in the knowledge that no one in the world will have anything like it.
I hope that you enjoy my work as much a I enjoy making it.

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