Ulterior Motif Designs

After studying Textile Design at Loughborough University, I wanted to forge a career that combined my love of travelling, experiencing culture and the natural world with my love of screen printing experience as an interior decorator. This, combined with a passion for making the Textile industry more sustainable and supporting other local creatives led me to found Ulterior Motif Designs. Working on a made to order and bespoke commission based model, Ulterior Motifs is able to minimise waste.
My mission is to celebrate the skills with which these products are made and share that process with customers.

Ulterior Motif Designs is about celebrating our rich cultural heritage of textiles and high quality craftsmanship. Inspired by the natural world and cultural sense of identity, with an avant garde approach to design, this is where the historical meets contemporary and quirky, bold designs are born. Lovingly designed and made in our Bristol studio, we celebrate high craftsmanship and create a unique sense of identity within the everyday furnished environment.

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